Does social media impact mental health? What we really know

Over the last 20 years, social media has risen from relative obscurity to become a fully accepted and integrated part of everyday life. However, despite social media’s ubiquity, the research on how it affects mental health remains inconclusive.

Is depression linked with social media use in adults?

Technology and Mental Health

There’s a popular belief – shared by a lot of social scientists – that more time spent on social media and smart phones correlates to worse mental health – especially in young people. But University of Pittsburgh social worker and postdoctoral researcher Craig Sewall says most of those studies contain a fatal flaw that undermines the whole premise of social media causing depression and anxiety.

Flawed data led to findings of a connection between time spent on devices and mental health problems - new research

Have the Hazards and Harms of Screen Time Been Overblown?

Self-reported screen time guesstimates skew "digital media use" research data.

Everything you’ve read about the ill-effects of screen time might be based on bad data

Most studies of screen time rely on self-reported data. That’s a problem, says a new study in Nature Human Behaviour.